Here you can bulk assign your member categories to your members using a CSV file. Below, you can download a copy of a customised CSV file specific for your club. It contains all your members along with a unique ID, this allows us to identifiy which member you would like to assign the category to. Therefore you must use this CSV file if you would like to bulk import your member categories.


Once you’ve downloaded the CSV file, you will be able to add the member categories in column 4. The member category name must exactly match the member category you would like to assign. You can see a list of your member categories here. If you would like to change a member’s category to nothing, leave their ‘Member Category’ blank and it will automatically do this. If you do NOT want to change a member’s category, you will need to either delete them from the CSV, or write ‘IGNORE’ in their member category field


Use the file uploader below to upload your file, and we will show you a preview of the members and their assigned categories you are about to import.

Import Categories from File

  • Accepted file types: csv.

Still need help?

If you’re still struggling to import your matches, we have a video explaining this process on