Here you can import your club’s matches in bulk from a CSV file. This is really useful if you have a backlog of matches saved, and don’t want to add them in 1 by 1.

Use the file uploader below to upload your file, and we will show you a preview of the matches you are about to import. At the bottom of the page we have guidance on how to format your CSV file to make sure it’s compatible with our platform.

Formatting your CSV file

Your CSV file must be formatted in a specific way for it to be eligible to upload into your clubs database. We have a sample file, you can download here to see the exact format it needs to be in. It has also been explained below;

The header row.

The first row in your CSV file needs to have all the correct headers in, regardless of whether you’re importing that information or not. See below of how it should look;

The match data

Below the header row, we now need to see information about your matches; teamname, opponent and date are all required fields. This means any row with match data on, these 3 fields MUST be filled in. The other fields are optional.

More Help

If you’re still struggling to import your matches, we have a video explaining this process on