Subscription fees include the cost of coaching, training, a car parking fob and sports club discount for seniors (valid for 12 months) and clubhouse access cards for Over 14s.  Please note: Match fees and kit are in addition; club access cards now for Youth Members only.

Subscriptions and Fee’s for the 2023/24 Season are as follows;

  • Senior Members (over 25) – Annual Subscription £207, Match Fee £9
  • Young Seniors (age 19 – 25) – Annual Subscription £153, Match Fee £9
  • Youth  Members (School Year 10 up to age 18) – Annual Subscription £140, Match Fee £9
  • Junior Members (School Year 9 and below) – Annual Subscription £100, Match Fee £8
  • U6 sessions – £70 – Annual Subscription (equivalent to approx £3.50 a session)
  • Unemployed – Annual Subscription £140, Match Fee £9.
  • Maternity (available for one season for each child) – Annual Subscription – £75, Match fee – £9.
  • Social Membership – £75 which for over 18s includes free parking and 10% discount on purchases over the bar


The subscriptions will be debited to your hockey accounts in 6 equal monthly instalments – the first being debited in  September.

The match fees will also be debited to your account so we ask that you all set up a direct debit with Gocardless to ensure that all these payments (subscriptions and match fees) go through automatically. Payments will be taken monthly and you will be advised in advance, so that you have time to check your statements.

Monthly instalments for the subscriptions will only be possible if a direct debit is set up. If a direct debit is not set up the full subscription will be due on 1st October (this is to reflect the increased administration involved in these accounts).