As a club we ensure that we follow suitable best practices.  We also expect players to play their part and follow a Player’s manual which outlines their commitment and expected behaviour both on and off the pitch.

Naturally, we all want to be treated with respect and consideration and to ensure that we look out for each other’s health and wellbeing. We also need to ensure that we communicate in the right way with our junior members. These policies are there to help us do all of these things. Here are our key policies:

More details of the policies can be found below.

Our Club’s Constitution

To review our Club’s Constitution, please click SHC Constitution as at June 2022

Data Privacy Policy

See details of our SHC Data Privacy Notice.

Child Protection Policy

Stratford Hockey Club takes the subject of Child Protection seriously and we align with England Hockey guidelines – please see England hockey Duty of Care in Hockey.

Equity and Ethics

Stratford Hockey Club is committed to the area of Equity and Ethics.

This Code encapsulates all of the sporting, moral and ethical principles that hockey represents and is intended for all participants and disciplines within the sport however they choose to participate – as a player, umpire, coach, official, volunteer or a parent supporting on the sidelines.

Everyone involved in the sport should promote equality of access and opportunity, fairness and respect.  All those involved within hockey have a responsibility to act according to the highest standards of integrity and to ensure that the reputation of the sport is, and remain, high.

Our Ethics, Values and Disciplinary policy can be found here: SHC Ethics Values and disciplinary policy June 2022.

We are aligned to the England hockey (Duty of Care in Hockey), for full information please click here for more information. This includes guidance about creating a safe and welcoming environment for all hockey participants.

Social and Communications Policy

Here are some key points from the SHC Social and Communications Policy.doc:

  • Think twice before posting on any social media platform.
  • Be respectful. Be positive. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. It’s the Golden Rule!
  • Any discriminatory, homophobic, and racist language of any sort and in any context is unacceptable.
  • Be honest. Be transparent.
  • Be professional and polite.
  • Avoid topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory.
  • Remember many different audiences may see your posts including the other members, the Stratford public, kids, parents, past players, other teams etc.

Complaints Policy and Procedures

To view our complaints policy and procedure, please see here: SHC Complaints_Policy_and_Procedures_-June 2022

Risk Assessment

To view our Risk Assessment, please see here: Stratford Hockey Club Risk Assessment 2020/21